Use an old WH1080 weather station with a raspberry pi

I have an old WH1080 weather station and was thinking, “I bet I could wire up a 433MHz receiver to an arduino or raspberry pi and read the wireless sensors to chart the weather data”. I found lots of links for reading the wireless sensors, but then I looked closely at my weather station display and noticed the USB port: I had forgotten that there was a port there! Excellent! Problem solved, and I could solve it without extra hardware!


I found a great, oldish blog entry to help me out with the basic steps of reading the data via USB on a raspberry pi. The code dependencies that were manually compiled in that link are now included in the latest raspbian distro (jessie), so those manual compilation steps are no longer necessary.

The basic steps are:

  1. Install python and required dependencies
  2. Install Python software for USB Wireless WeatherStations
  3. Verify WH1080 weather station can be read from raspberry pi (using pywws)
  4. Install a weather station logger (like wfrog or weewx)