Swapping like crazy

I’ve noticed that my Mac seems to be eating up quite a bit of disk space every now and then, without any action from me. I have MenuMeters installed and realized that this extra disk usage is due to insane swap-file usage. I know one cannot rely completely on the reported RAM usage numbers (“used” vs “free” due to all the other states, “free”, “wired”, “active”, “inactive”), but in my end-user mind I find it insane that though I’m currently using 7.1GB and have a total of 16GB, the OS should not be using 7.3GB of my hard drive. Use up the fast RAM first, then move the storage to the (albeit a fast SSD) slow disk. Don’t pre-emptively swap! Yes, I know this is a simplistic view and probably technically incorrect. But it’s annoying that OSX is using my hard drive when it doesn’t need to!