Fix lagging display performance on retina MacBook Pro

This weekend my Mac suddenly started behaving strangely: moving windows around occurred with a nearly psychodelic delay, mission control (aka exposé) was “jerky”, and scrolling was not fun. Forcing the graphics card to the discrete NVIDIA GT 650 instead of integrated Intel GPU sped things up, but the overall experience still didn’t feel right. Since the onset was sudden I immediately though: imminent hardware failure! But thankfully that turned out not to be the case.

Scouring forums for answers led me here, which worked for me!. The basic idea: delete some preferences files and reset the PRAM:

  • Delete /Library/Preferences/
  • Delete ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*.plist
  • Shutdown OSX
  • Startup, immediately press and hold the P and R keys while holding down the option (⌥) and command (⌘) keys before the gray boot screen appears, which resets the PRAM
  • You may have to reset your display preferences (resolution) once you login
  • Done!

2013-08-12: fixed typo in preference plist filename.

  1. Excellent recomendation! works like magic!!

  2. Thank you! My MBP (mid 2009) all of the sudden had this lag, but your instructions fixed it!

    1. Great! I can’t take credit for the instructions (found them in the above-mentioned Apple forum link), but I was so happy the solution was a simple reset and not a hardware issue! 🙂

      1. Thanks for reposting them! Fixed a problem with my Mac Mini.

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  4. You wrote “windowsserver” (with two ‘s’), but meant “windowserver” (with one ‘s’). There are no files with two ‘s’.

    1. Thanks! It was copy-paste from the original source, I’ll fix my post.

  5. is animation still left after this process?
    i just want to make sure as i have the same problem too

    1. Yes, the animations still remain after performing the commands.

  6. I think this solved my problem. Thanks! Maybe now I’ll start to use the exposé function. 🙂

  7. Thanks so much! This immediately fixed my issue. You’re THE MAN David!

  8. Wonderful, i thought I have to reinstall OS X. Thank you!

  9. thank u so much 😀 😀 .. u saved my life 😛

  10. Anyone has tried that way on a MacBook Pro retina 13″ late 2013?

    1. Yes, work like a charm


  12. Thanks man 🙂 It worked me. actually,it was enough to reset PRAM for me 🙂

  13. Thanks Man, you safe my ass and a few box.

  14. Thanks man that solved my life!!!!

  15. Hey,
    I have the same problem but I am a noob with my mac book pro :-).
    I don´t really understand what I have to delete. Where I can find these lists?
    Sorry for my not existing knowledge ;-).
    Thanks for your help



    1. Hi Alex,

      I would first try to reset the PRAM to see if that helps. If that doesn’t help then try the steps as in the post.

      Reset PRAM:
      * Shutdown and the start your Mac, and before the grey boot screen appears hold down the P, R, option and command keys simultaneously. See here for more info:

      If that doesn’t help, try deleting the preference files as in the post. There are multiple ways to do it, I would recommend via the terminal. So open the commandline terminal program (search for “terminal” using spotlight).
      * Open terminal
      * Type the following command (it will ask you to enter your password, as this file requires administrator privileges to delete, which is the ‘sudo’ command):
      sudo rm /Library/Preferences/
      * Type the following command (those files are in your account, so you don’t need admin access to delete):
      rm ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*.plist
      * Then perform a PRAM reset again

      Hopefully that helps! Good luck!

      1. Hey David,

        thanks for your help now I know what to do :-).

        I tried it but it didn´t work. Now I will sent my Macbook back to Apple.

        Thank you


  16. Thanks so much!!! I’ve had this lag for soooo long!! THANKS!!!!

  17. Genioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  18. You saved my life. It works. Thank you.

  19. Brilliant, thanks a million, I was searching for ages for a solution. Have you any idea what caused this issue in the first place. Thanks again for the fix.

    1. No idea what causes this, wish I knew! Haven’t had it happen it again, just the one time!

  20. David, my friend, have saved my LIFE!!! its late, im tired and my new mac starts acting up!! google, google and google as you might know…..opened this article and BAMM!! solved!! that lag was scaring me! thought it was something serious! was about to call the guy who sold me the mac and have a nice “chat” with him…..Needless to say, this website is going to my favorites, along with the article. XD

  21. Fantastico!!!!

  22. Wow. This helped. Om Mavericks on my MBPr 13″ late 2013. Weird that this problem persists. It hit me after installing Autodesk’s AutoCAD 2014.

  23. Yes!, works for me.
    MBAir 11″. 10.9.5
    Started after installing autocad 2014
    Thanks a bunch

  24. Great it works in yosemite too

  25. Wow! this works! I’d just to the sudo thing via terminal then phew! Those fcking lag gone in just a second! Thanks David! You saved my life :))

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  27. Hai David, do you have a solution for the following problem?
    After installing OS X Yosemite 10.10, the WiFi connection drops regularly and/or when it stays connected (apple WiFi logo on) is not really connected. This is most annoying while working on-line.
    Only solution till now is switching WiFi Off and On.
    Hope to hear from you

    1. Hello, hmm… no I’m not sure what could be causing that as I myself haven’t upgraded to Yosemite yet. Your best bet is googling around and/or perhaps if it’s a bug in Yosemite, a future patch release from Apple. Sorry can’t help! 🙁

    2. I did this workaround suggested, with Yosemite.
      Animations became laggier and the Wi-Fi dropping connections issues began to happen.
      Damn !
      help anyone?

  28. Works great, thank you!

  29. This worked for me before Yosemite and after!

  30. Finally! This fixes the UI animation stutter and lag that’s been driving me nuts since upgrading to Yosemite. After upgrading my MBP Retina 15″ I was seeing probably 10fps with Mission Control, now with integrated graphics it’s probably 30fps, and with discrete graphics buttery at 60fps (the fps are just guesses). Thanks!

  31. Helps only on day first. After night sleep this bug returned.(

  32. Incredible! Great tip!

  33. Thank you, worked for me perfectly. I tried it in Yosemite as it was making me crazy

  34. Works like a charm! Thank you for the hint! (MBP 15, Late-2013)

  35. I deleted window server but there is still lag and I also still see window server still in my activity monitor as a process. Any way to stop this? Also window server file always comes back to that folder after restarting it never stays gone.


    1. I would say the windowserver.plist is a required file that OSX creates if it’s missing, creating again with the default values.

  36. This worked on my 2010 15″ Macbook Pro with 330M GT. I thought my laptop’s GPU couldn’t handle the animations, but now my Mac feels like a Mac again!

  37. This is one of the most helpfully articles about mac, definitely bookmarking this :))
    Thanks man

  38. Amazing. It worked on rMBP13 (late 2013) with Yosemite 10.10.1

  39. You are my hero.

  40. This worked on my 2009 Mac Pro (two Dell monitors) running OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. Thanks so much!

  41. This is awesome. Thanks!!!!

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  43. Hi.
    when i do rm for the second preference file, i got “no such file or directory”. i resets the rpm but no changes happened.
    I recently format and install Yosemite 10.10 on my early 2011 macbook pro. have you any idea that what’s the problem? thanks so much.

    1. Hmm… it could be that the file did not exist on your machine at that time (perhaps the pref file gets created at a later time, when needed). So if resetting the pram and removing the (nonexistent) file didn’t help, then you probably have another issue. Not sure what that could be, sorry! 🙁

  44. Worked like a charm. My haswell retina 15″ had always been pokier after upgrading to Yosemite. This made everything behave as snappy as ever!

  45. Fantastic, actually seems to have fixed it. Thanks!

  46. Thanks so much!! it works like charm!!
    If I hadn’t seen your post, i would have downgraded my mac (MBP mid 2010) to Mavericks.
    You are my hero!!!

  47. Thank you so much! Worked great and totally fixed the scrolling on my (relatively new) MBP.

  48. I tried deleting the “byhost” windowserver.plist, however, mine has a crazy amount of numbers after it. Is that normal and the one I want to delete? it’s essentially:
    ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ (insert lots of numbers and letters here) .plist

    1. Yes, that’s correct, there will be lots of numbers and letters in the plist filename.

  49. Wow fantastic! thank you so much

  50. Hi! Thank you thousand! I did the magic I was looking for! God bless you!

  51. Didn’t work on 2.5 ghz MBPro 15″ running Yosemite

  52. It works fine anyway because I restart the machine, but then it starts to become jerky again after a while 🙁

  53. this resets your displays preferences, which probably turns off the scaling. the scaling is what caused the performance issues. it’s terrible this hasn’t been fixed these integrated GPUs are just not ready for retina yet.

    1. I have my display preferences set to have maximum screen resolution (the scaling option “more space”). I’m sure you’re correct, the hack resets the display preferences. After I performed the hack, I readjusted my preferences to have “more space” scaled screen resolution and haven’t experienced the lagging again… yet. So apparently YMMV with this “hack” 🙂


    My boot would hang at 50% everytime I tried resetting the PRAM NVRAM SMC repaired disk permissions all kinds of shit! Deleting those files will FUCK up some directories and Yosemite will try respawn them but won’t be able to causing the boot to hang at 50%.


  55. Thanks a lot !

  56. Hey, man I did it once and it helped. But then an hour later, it started doing it again. I don’t I should be deleting / reseting this every day ? Is there a ‘real’ reason why it’s doing this ? Can I solve the problem rather than symptom ? Thanks.


    1. Sorry, I don’t know the reason why this happens—wish I did! I agree, solving the root cause problem would be the best solution!

  57. Hi,

    i tried to find the file: ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/*.plist with the terminal command but the terminal give me: no such file or directory… i tried to myself but i cannot find anything… do you have any ideas? (i’m using yosemite)

    1. Hmm… not sure why they’re not showing up. You can open that folder up in Finder, or in the terminal, and manually see if there are any plist files there… to open the folder in Finder from terminal:
      $ open ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/
      Then Finder should open up to that folder, you can scroll through and see if you see any plists matching*.plist. But if the terminal command didn’t find any matching files, then they probably aren’t there. Not sure what to do then…

  58. Should this be done on the new MacBook Pro 13″ with Force Touch trackpad (March 9, 2015) ? I have experienced that just disabling transparency in the Accesibility settings in System Preferences does improve quite a lot the fluidity of the interface.

    1. No idea… if it isn’t broken, I wouldn’t recommend messing around with deleting the plist. Resetting the pram shouldn’t have any adverse affects (Apple says it’s ok), you could try that (though you might need to reset some preferences afterwards: sound, display, etc). The problems we all seem to be experiencing are _really_ slow, lagging display performance, really slow.

      1. I understand. Definitely this is just a low FPS issue, but maybe 15-20 FPS at specific scenarios like switching workspaces that stutters . Which still is a pain for a brand new machine but I will take your advise to keep it like that. One thing to note is that my old MBA mid 2011 with Mavericks is totally fluid. Love the new interface in Yosemite and continuity and all but sad that they didn’t pay too much attention to these things.


  59. Thank you so much! I have been so upset recently that my Mac has been running slow. I thought it was just me or I was running too much at one time. My whole computer feels like new again! I am so happy. Thank you for sharing what you found!

  60. I did notice considerable performance increase after doing this on Yosemite. Though I didn’t find /Library/Preferences/ It wasn’t there.

  61. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Worked like a charm!

  62. ah yeah

  63. Was about to return my new Macbook retina 2015 model due to UI lag on all animations and changing workspaces, expose etc. You know the drill.

    This worked for me !

    Amazing. Big thumbs up.

    Why can’t apple just release an official fix themselves I wonder.

  64. Same as everyone else – this works perfectly and cured annoying laggy desktop animation and swipes on the magic pad. Yosemite 10.10.3 on MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014). Thanks!

  65. Completely fixed laggy scrolling and laggy exposé for me. Thanks a ton.

  66. Speechless. I thought this was an issue I would have to live with for quite a while longer.
    Your article fixed ALL of the graphics issues on my upgraded-from-mavericks MBP 15 retina late 2014.

    Thanks so much for making this findable!

  67. Can’t find this file in my Library

    I have a MBPr 13″ with lastest osx

    1. You can try just resetting the PRAM and see if that helps. Good luck!

  68. Worked flawlessly. Thanks. Just one question: is it permanent?

    1. Permanent? Not likely. Not even sure why it happens to begin with… hasn’t reoccurred for me since resetting PRAM and deleting the preferences file… yet.

  69. i love you i love you i looove you

    1. aah so much love… it wasn’t my fix tip to begin with, but thanks! 🙂

  70. Been driving me mad for ages, Thanks for posting the fix -otherwise Im not sure I would have found it on on the OP’s message over on apple.

  71. This helped me a lot after I had gotten my screen replaced by Apple it started to lag. I was going to take it back to the store then I found this advice.

  72. OMG thank you!

  73. Wow, congrats mate: life saver!
    Freshly bought MBP was driving me crazy with all the jittery space switching.
    Astonishing (in a bad way) that almost 3 years since you posted this, it’s still happening and it’s still working! :/

  74. This just saved my bacon! Thank you so much ^_^

  75. 2016 in El Capitan with a brand new rmbp 15” I seem to have the same issue. I’m not sure whether to try this advice, or to return the laptop. It sounds like some who tried this had the problem return?

    Does anybody know if this happens on the mb airs as well? I wonder if it is a retina thing.

    1. Hi — not sure exactly which macs this affects, but since the steps mentioned only affect software (not the mac hardware) it’s worth a shot trying. Worst case is that you could restore your OS from the recovery partition (make sure you have a backup). I presume that if you return the laptop (or take it to an Apple Genius Bar), they would probably first recommend erasing the hard drive and restoring a fresh copy of El Capitan anyway. If the problem persists with a fresh install without ANY changes whatsoever (no installed apps, nothing), then it’s a hardware issue and they would probably replace your Mac.

  76. Do you know what causes this? Is there any way to prevent rather than fix? The fix worked perfectly, but I’d prefer it to just never need fixing cos im lazy.

    1. sorry, I don’t know the cause. just a hapless victim like the rest of us…

  77. Thanks David! This really helped on my Macbook Pro 13′ Early 2011. Used to lag a bit after switching between fullscreen spaces, but now it’s gone! Will share with Facebook friends who use rMBP as well 🙂

  78. Wow it actually worked. Just got a Gopro Hero 5 and was testing it. Thought it was broken. 🙁 Turns out you had the fix for the laggin experience on my 2013 rMBP! THANKS!

  79. Thanks David!
    This solved an issue of the same kind on my MacBook Air 11-Inch running OS-X 10.9. I was as well experiencing that mission control (aka exposé) was “jerky”, scrolling was not good and switching from one Desktop to another was jerky too.


  80. Thank you!
    My MBP started lagging whenever it is charging, now it works great after deleting the files and the PRAM reset.

  81. I got really frustrated about this (and some other things on new macbook pro)… Thanks a lot, solved one of many issues now! 🙂

    1. glad it worked for you! 🙂

  82. This totally worked! I can hardly believe it! It worked!

  83. WOW! Big thanks for this fix!

  84. Thank you! This solved the issue for me!

  85. Man this is amazing, thanks so much for sharing!

  86. Hi – This was still relevant for my MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2018, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) on Catalina!

  87. Thanks soo much, I had 6 months with this problem and feel that my MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) was a 💩and didn’t get a solution even searching a lot on google. Today found this post and fixed my problem, again, thanks so much

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